Your Instructor - Chris Fanshawe.

Instructor - Chris FanshaweAlthough an experienced and fully qualified DSA Approved Driving Instructor, Chris Fanshawe has far more to offer.  Additional qualifications include:-

In addition he is a regular contributor to “Driving Instructor” newspaper and “Driving Magazine” on matters to do with driving and instruction.  He has a reputation for tackling controversial subjects and has never been afraid to speak is mind.  Researching articles has given him a greater insight into the driving world and has influenced his instructional methods.

He spent over two years researching a book on the human side of driving called “HOW TO BE A PERFECT DRIVER”, which is ready for publication (hence the title of the web site). He has also started work on two further books, on his new FEEL & FLOW system of instruction and also one about driver stress and road rage.

Chris has been around cars all his life, is a trained vehicle mechanic and has long associations with the motor trade, including developing specialist driver training courses for car sales. (He is also something of a classic car expert.)

He also has a reputation as a man with astonishing patience and calmness, and has developed special techniques for helping nervous pupils and dealing with test nerves.

At a time when there are dramatically varying standards in instruction, Chris is far more than just a driving instructor, he is a driving expert.

What his clients say….

“I just want to thank you for everything you have done for me, I would not of had the confidence to pass my test, or believe myself and for that I am forever grateful.”
                        Kayleigh B.

“….thank you very much for all your help, advice and support. Driving and passing my test have meant so much to me. Thank you again,……”

                        Dayna M.

“Thank you for being a great instructor! I appreciate all your help guidance and support. Thank you.”

                        Leann D.

“Thank you for all your help and making the whole experience so enjoyable. I really feel that I have learnt a lot…”

Anthony M.